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Louis J. Heimbrock Sr., Inc. has been working on Cleaver-Brooks® boilers for over 40 years and we can put our experience to work for you. Weather you need a small repair or a complete rebuild, we have the expertise to make your refractory look and perform as good as new. We offer free inspections and quick turn-around times.

If you prefer to do the repairs yourself, we can supply all of the materials to patch as well as rebuild the refractory in your boiler. We are especially proud of our line of Cleaver-Brooks® tile. These tiles are American-made, super duty firebrick pieces. When compared to precast pieces commonly offered by others, our tiles are:

- Higher quality

- More uniform

- Stronger

- More cost effective

We have a large inventory of parts in stock, ready for immediate shipment

50 - 100 HP

CB-94-216 Combustion Liner Tile

CB-94-217 Burner Throat Tile*

CB-94-172 Baffle Tile

CB-94-165 Sight Tube Tile*

125 - 200 HP

CB-94-203 Combustion Liner Tile

CB-94-130 Burner Throat Tile

CB-94-144 Baffle Tile

CB-94-166 Sight Tube Tile*

250 - 350 HP

CB-94-204 Combustion Liner Tile

CB-94-343 Burner Throat Tile

CB-94-162 Baffle Tile

CB-94-167 Sight Tube*

400 - 800 HP

CB-94-205 Combustion Liner Tile

CB-94-344 Burner Throat Tile

CB-94-149 Baffle Tile

CB-94-168 Sight Tube*

335 Salt Well Rd.
P.O. Box 1531
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Phone:  (502) 543-7291
Fax:  (502) 543-7292